Miesha Tate dishes on relationships and more in #8CrazyTweets

Miesha Tate let us into her head in the latest edition of #8CrazyTweets.

Josh Hedges/Forza LLC/Forza LLC via Getty Images

UFC women’s bantamweight contender Miesha Tate appeased us by taking part in a Twitter Q&A we like to call "8 Crazy Tweets" this week.

Tate, who will fight Liz Carmouche in the co-main event of FOX UFC Saturday, dished on relationships, super powers and her guilty music pleasure.

Check out her answers below:

We want to hear you sing, Miesha. Especially the Ken voice. C’mon. Don’t hold back. Who doesn’t listen to "Barbie Girl" when they’re home alone out of ear shot of every other human being on the planet?

Good choice. Calanoc was a Marine and he has a 5-1 pro MMA record. He only fights at 145, but you just don’t mess with someone who was in the Corps. Even if you’re a zombie.

We could picture you traveling to every fight via boat. You’d just have to get UFC president Dana White to agree to let you compete only at shows on coasts. Your yacht trips to Brazil would be epic. Like Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill type of stuff. Soak up the sun, girl.

You might want to rethink this one, Miesha. Do you really want to know what every male fan is thinking when he meets you? Caraway would end up going to jail and you know it. Just pick flying like everyone else.

Jessica Biel in a purple sports bra playing the lead role in a Miesha Tate biopic? Yeah, sign us up for that one. Actually, we’ll take Jessica Biel in any role any time. Jennifer Garner isn’t too shabby either, but no way should Ben Affleck get the role of Caraway. We’re not buying him as Batman and we’re certainly not going to accept him as a UFC fighter.

We haven’t met a girl yet who isn’t incredibly jealous of your hair. We’ve also never met a guy who has ever noticed your hair. Your ears, either. So you’re safe there. We wouldn’t worry about it.

Miesha Tate talking some truth here. Listen up, gentleman.

We hate you, Bryan Caraway. She’s beautiful, beats people up for a living and comes home to bake? It’s just not fair.