‘Mayhem’ Miller threatens to punch Stephen Hawking ‘out of his wheelchair’

Former MMA middleweight and TUF coach Jason 'Mayhem' Miller announced his return to the sport by taking aim at famed physicist Stephen Hawking.

Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller spent the majority of 2013 with his name in the headlines for fairly nefarious reasons, including reported arrests over charges of alleged domestic violence as well as spouting racial epithets at UFC fighters who crossed his path.

Now after the start of a new year, Miller seems committed to rectifying past wrongs while getting back in fight shape for a return to mixed martial arts.  Currently training out of Kings MMA in California under the guidance of famed trainer Master Rafael Cordeiro, Miller has found his passion for MMA again while doing his best to put an ugly 2013 behind him.

"It’s amazing what happens to you when you surround yourself with positive people and a good atmosphere," Miller said in an interview with MMAInterviews.TV. "It’s been a life-changing experience. This whole 2013, pretty unlucky number for me so I’m excited and feel really blessed to be here."

Miller is plotting a course for a return to fighting this year while already receiving offers from several MMA organizations. He doesn’t want to name names just yet, but it’s reinvigorated his desire to fight and compete after announcing his retirement in 2012.

"I feel like a new fighter, I’m ready to get back out there.  I’m entertaining some offers from different leagues from around the globe and I’m just trying to find my home," Miller said.

"I’m excited, I’m like what, yeah I’m gonna fight again.  It’s starting to kind of like materialize.  I’m ready."

Of course Miller — never one to leave well enough alone — decided instead of taking the high road and merely announcing his return to fighting while also issuing an apology to those he wronged in the last year. He also found time to once again take a controversial and offensive jab at someone.

This time around, for some unknown and bizarre reason, Miller opted to take aim at famed physicist Stephen Hawking. The author known for publications such as ‘A Brief History of Time’ has lived a big part of his life in a wheelchair after ALS (commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s disease) took away the use of his entire body. Now Hawking communicates through a voice interpreter that he controls through movements in his cheek.

‘I’d like to fight Stephen Hawking, I’d like to punch him out of his wheelchair."–Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller

When asked who he’d like to fight upon his return, Miller decided to pick Hawking, then managed to mock his disease.

Short of his comments about Hawking, Miller’s remaining diatribe focused on making amends with old friends while concentrating on his return to MMA.  He did manage to stick in one real fight he’d enjoy landing. It’s one he’s sought ever since he suffered an attack on live television in 2010 when he got into a brawl with Nick Diaz following a fight in Strikeforce in Nashville.

"Diaz — that would be fun as hell, I bet he would want to do it, too.  What’s up, Nick?" Miller said.

Diaz is currently still in his own self-imposed retirement and under contract with the UFC. Given Miller’s less-than-glorious exit from the promotion nearly two years ago, it’s doubtful he’d be welcomed back with open arms by president Dana White. Regardless, Miller is returning somewhere later this year to spread a little Mayhem around mixed martial arts.