Matt Brown: ‘If I’m paying $60 to watch women fight, they should at least be topless’

Matt Brown could be in hot water after his insensitive comments about women's MMA.

Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Matt Brown is not a huge fan of women’™s MMA. But he has a great idea (not really) to make female fights more marketable.

"I just think this, if I’m [going] to pay $60 for a pay-per-view to watch women fight they should at least be topless," Brown said on his new podcast, aptly named ‘œLegitManS**t.’  

Editor’s note: As of this writing, the ‘LegitManS**t’ podcast has been removed from SoundCloud.

The UFC welterweight was probably just joking around, but he didn’t exactly help himself by needling women’™s MMA even more. In case you were under a rock the last few months, the ladies have been huge for the UFC and a whole Ultimate Fighter season will be dedicated to the new 115-pound women’™s division later this year.

Rousey and Miesha come on and all the women just f*****g gather around the TV like it’s the f******g Kardashians coming on.

- Matt Brown

"How many knockouts do you see in women’s fights?" Brown said. "It’s not really my thing. I respect what they do, but look, they don’t have the body type or the power, all that sh*t, for knockouts. If you’re not a good grappler in women’s MMA then you’re behind. It’s no different than the 125 [pound] division of men’s MMA in that they’re just really not built for knockouts."

Nothing Brown is saying here is completely wrong. Statistically, there are less knockouts in women’s fights and lighter male weight classes. And if he didn’™t make the above comment about topless girls, you could almost give him a pass. Good thing there’s a disclaimer on the page warning people in ALL CAPS that the podcast is ‘œtalking man sh*t!’

Brown, 32, is one of the most exciting fighters in the UFC. He’™s currently out with a back injury that forced him to withdraw from FOX UFC Saturday last month against Carlos Condit, everyone’™s favorite potential bout on that card.

"The whole fight we have women in one room, men in another room," Brown said of UFC 168. "Rousey and Miesha come on and all the women just f**king gather around the TV like it’s the f**king Kardashians coming on."