Mark Hunt looking slim ahead of Antonio Silva rematch at UFC 193

Mark Hunt has always packed a punch, now he's also hoping to do so with a much more trim form.

Mitch Viquez/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

It would appear as though one UFC big man is getting a bit smaller. Mark Hunt used to fight at super heavyweight, and the former world champion kickboxer has routinely struggled to make the 265-pound UFC heavyweight limit since moving into the division.

A few months ago he announced that he had switched to a vegan diet. Perhaps it is that diet change that has helped him slim down a great deal in advance of his UFC 193 fight next month against Antonio Silva.

In a couple of photos recently published on his Facebook account, the "Super Samoan" looks more trim than we’ve ever seen him. Unless the camera angle and lighting are playing tricks on our eyes, Hunt looks as though he won’t be sweating bullets at the 11th hour to try to make weight this next time around.

It would also seem that Hunt did indeed follow through on his earlier talk of dropping weight in a more healthy way. That’s likely good news for his health, no matter how the bout turns out.

We’re glad to see the living legend, now in his 40s, apparently working on his health a bit more.

We bet tasty creatures everywhere are also a bit relieved by him going vegan. Can you imagine how much livestock Hunt could go through in a month’s time?