Local MMA organization promotes ‘convicted felon vs. police officer’

Still trying to figure out if this is better or worse than Kimbo Slice.

In the regional mixed martial arts circuit there is a responsibility to pack the house with as many local fans as possible because that’s generally where a promoter and fighter will make the bulk of their money.

Typical regional fight promotion includes stacking the card with local talent so everyone’s friends and families are guaranteed to buy tickets and attend the show.  Outside of that there are a few proven methods of getting eyeballs on your show and what’s better than a good old fashioned spectacle?

That’s what NEF MMA (New England Fights MMA) will do with their upcoming show on Feb 8 with a main card bout pitting a local police officer against a convicted felon.  The headline to be exact reads: Convicted felon fights Eastport Police Officer at NEF VII.

A convicted felon against a police officer – you can’t make this stuff up!

According to the press release from NEF MMA, Dave Claroni – who currently boasts an 0-1 record in competition – a veteran police officer with the Eastport police department and personal trainer will take on Ryan Cowette – with an equally impressive 1-2 record – who is listed as ‘an NEF MMA regular and also a convicted felon’.

This isn’t the first time a MMA promoter has decided to cash in pitting the long arm of the law up against those that brush up against the criminal element.  A California promotion once put on an entire show titled ‘Cops vs. Cons’ presented by Felony Fights.  Yes that was actually the name.

The promoter of this latest event can’t even deny the ridiculous nature of the event considering his own words when describing the upcoming show.

"A convicted felon against a police officer – you can’t make this stuff up!" said NEF MMA co-owner Nick DiSalvo.

No, Mr. DiSalvo we certainly couldn’t make this up even if we tried.