Joe Lauzon’s UFC on FOX vlog episode 1: Burt Watson, Cheesecake Factory and ‘€˜SofA’

Joe Lauzon's video blogs are back! Watch episode 1 right here.

How does Joe Lauzon get ready for a fight? A little Cheesecake Factory, a lot of Burt Watson and some ‘€œSons of Anarchy.’

Lauzon’€™s vlog in advance of his fight with Mac Danzig on Saturday at UFC on FOX in Sacramento is a cool look into the Massachusetts native’€™s fight-week routines. Plus, it’s awesome to hear him say the word ‘weird.’

In the video, Lauzon does a ton of media – and we even see a rare flub by Fox Sports’€™ own Ariel Helwani. Who knew those actually happened?

UFC fighter relations czar Burt Watson is pretty much everywhere behind the scenes – just not at Lauzon and his posse’s lunch trip to The Cheesecake Factory. Don’€™t worry, Lauzon didn’€™t eat anything. He has to cut weight after all.

The vlog ends with Lauzon and pals getting a little emotional watching the season finale of ‘Sons of Anarchy.’€ Spoiler alert!