Lauzon’€™s latest vlog shows him cutting weight and getting weird looks

Joe Lauzon takes us into the wonderful world of cutting weight.

Oh, the wonders of weight cutting.

Joe Lauzon takes us inside his prep for his bout with Mac Danzig on Saturday at UFC on FOX in Sacramento with a trio of vblogs. The second one, posted Friday, focuses quite a bit on him trying to get down from 166 pounds to the lightweight maximum of 156 by Friday night.

A pretty girl’€™s face when she sees Lauzon covered from head-to-toe in hoodies, sweats and towels, propped up against a wall inside the hot tub room at 24-Hour Fitness is absolutely priceless. Like she just saw the aliens that Georges St-Pierre is always talking about.

Before all that goodness, we see Lauzon doing even more media and hanging out once again with Burt Watson, the UFC fighter relations guy who literally seems to be involved with every step of the pre-fight process. We’€™re surprised he isn’t in the sauna cheering the guys on to sweat. Don’€™t leave it in the hands of the scale!

At the end of the video, Lauzon warns everyone not to watch the end of his first vlog, because it contains ‘Sons of Anarchy’€ spoilers. Thanks, Joe. But it’s a bit late for that.