Ken Shamrock was 50 Cent’s bodyguard at CES

Seriously. There's proof below.

Jorge Rosenberg/LatinContent/Getty Images

Now you too can have a UFC Hall Of Famer as your bodyguard. Sort of.

Ken Shamrock was spotted on the security team of rapper 50 Cent at the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas on Thursday, a story initially reported by TMZ. Shamrock later tweeted that he was on 50’s personal security detail for the event and that he is now working for a company that does security for several "high-end clients."

Shamrock, 49, also tweeted that he worked at CES with rocker Vince Neil, best known for being the second most famous member of Motley Crue. Shamrock knows all about being second best.

But seriously — kudos to "The World’s Most Dangerous Man" for finding an outlet for his particular skill set: being a total bad ass. This is way better work for him than still competing in MMA, which he tried to do for way too long.

Hall-of-fame caliber protection, exclusively for "high-end clients."

The former WWE star said 50 Cent was "by far one of the classiest gents I have ever worked with." Shamrock has to somehow find his way into 50’s next music video. Or at least one of Vince Neil’s sex tapes.

But for now, don’t screw with Mr. Cent … or you might end up in a nasty ankle lock.