Josh Barnett uses nerdy card game ‘Magic’€™ to help prepare for UFC fights

"And this card got me into the VIP section at Gandalf's Halloween party."

Is Josh Barnett a dork who happens to be one of the baddest men on the planet? Or is he one of the baddest men on the planet who happens to be a dork?

It doesn’t matter. We just think Barnett is awesome. And the fact that he uses ‘€œMagic: The Gathering’€ to help train for UFC fights? Well, that just increases his legend up to 11.

Yes, in this video from Fightland, Barnett explains how he uses the nerdy card game to polish his mental skills before stepping into the Octagon. The heavyweight meets Travis Browne on Saturday at UFC 168 in Las Vegas.

"€œIt may seem unusual training exercise, but let me tell you, when you have Thundermaw Hellkites and Lord of the Pits flying around, you better have your wits about you," Barnett explains.

How can you possibly argue with that? Besides if you do, Barnett is bound to find a very creative way to choke you into unconsciousness.

In the video, Barnett explains what some of the ‘€œMagic’€ cards do. We have know idea what he’s talking about, but he’€™s so enthusiastic about it you can’t help but be impressed by his dedication to geekdom.

"You have to sharpen your swords, your physical aspect has to be as honed as possible — the weapons of war,"€ Barnett said. "€œBut you have to be able to have a good mind to use it."

Josh Barnett, you’€™re the hero that all nerds deserve.