Josh Barnett Conquers the World: One final response to Antonio ‘Bigfoot’ Silva

Josh Barnett to Bigfoot Silva: "This is personal" 

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This week marks a brand new episode of ‘Josh Barnett Conquers the World’ with former UFC heavyweight champion Josh Barnett riffing on his rivalry with Antonio ‘Bigfoot’ Silva after the two fighters exchanged messages on Twitter recently.

Barnett and Silva’s history goes back to the Strikeforce days when both were occupying a slot in the heavyweight division, and things have only gone downhill lately with the Brazilian trying to do everything in his power to land a fight with ‘The Warmaster’.

On the latest episode of the podcast, Barnett opens up to respond to Silva’s taunts and offers a response for the final time.  Yes, this will be the last time Barnett will be addressing Silva publicly so soak it in.

"This is personal, this is not about business," Barnett said.  "Last time you’re ever going to hear from me."

Barnett will also welcome in his good friend from the band Every Time I Die, guitarist Andy Williams, who will discuss a slew of different topics including the band’s new album ‘From Parts Unknown’ released on June 27.

With plenty of stories from the road, Williams’ tale of meeting legendary singer Phil Anselmo from Pantera and Down might top the list of one of the best encounters from the road you’ll ever hear.

All this and plenty more from Barnett and Andy Williams as they conquer the world for the latest edition of the most metal podcast in all of mixed martial arts.

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