Jon Jones puts a hurting on Kelly & Michael

For most fighters, doing the media rounds isn’t the favored part of event week. They’d much rather get to their host city, lock themselves in their hotel room for a couple days and show up at the arena a couple hours before the opening bell. But UFC champ Jon Jones? He couldn’t have been more excited to set an alarm clock and appear as a guest on LIVE with Kelly & Michael.

The champ told FOX Sports on Monday that he often wakes up early to watch the energetic duo, and was thrilled to be the first UFC star ever to gain an invite on a program that at last count, was neck-and-neck with Dr. Phil for most watched daytime talk show.

With his championship belt in tow, Jones appeared on Tuesday for an inteview along with a follow-up segment during which he showed hosts Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan a few smooth moves. Did he tip his hand regarding his UFC 172 game plan against Glover Teixeira? Probably not, but we do have some post-appearance observations. 

Kelly nailed her cartwheel, while Michael’s was a disaster. Kelly fights dirty and also seems to think there’s some element of tag-team wrestling involved, while Michael’s Superman punch and takedown defense are going to need a lot of work. That said, Strahan has some serious heavyweight size, and Joe Silva is always on the hunt for big men, so if those talk show and football analyst roles don’t work out, he should give us a call.