UPDATE: UFC champ Jon Jones finds missing cat, all is right with the world

UPDATE — 2:02 a.m. Friday

Mufasa has returned.

Jon Jones tweeted late Thursday night that he had found his rare, expensive cat that ran away a few days ago. The Jackson-Winkeljohn Instagram page posted a funny picture of Jones looking all ASPCA with Mufasa in a net.

Apparently, the beautiful African Serval Savannah was just hanging out up in a tree. He’s no worse for wear. Now, all you cat lovers can go back to your regular lives. Mufasa is safe and sound.


Anyone in Albuquerque willing to go on a cat hunt? There’s pretty hefty compensation on the table.

UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones has offered up a $1,500 reward for anyone who finds his missing cat and returns him home safely, according to KRQE.

This is no ordinary house cat, either. Named Mufasa, after the "Lion King" character, this rare African Serval Savannah can cost up to $25,000. So basically, it’s the equivalent of most people losing their car.

“The cat means a lot to my family,” Jones told the TV station. “We just hope we can really get him back.”

Jones admitted the search for the missing feline has been a distraction during his training camp for Glover Teixeira, who he’ll defend his title against at UFC 172 on April 26 in Baltimore.

African Serval Savannahs are known for their size and mix of domestic and wild qualities. In a video Jones provided to KRQE, Mufasa is shown standing on his hind legs looking over a kitchen counter about 4 feet high.

“The cat is about 20 pounds; he’s a lot taller than the average cat," Jones said. "I mean if anyone sees him, they would know right away that he’s not your typical house cat."

Mufasa escaped from Jones and his family’s northeast Albuquerque home Saturday. There was a sighting Monday, but the cat ran away.

“I’m sure he’s probably really hungry at this point and that’s why the reward is so big,” Jones said.

Mufasa is only a year old and weighs around 20 pounds. He’s orange, white and black. Jones said he’s shy, but not dangerous.

“If you see the cat, definitely don’t try to pick him up or pet him," Jones said. "He’ll probably hiss at you, but if you see him, just follow him and contact us."

Losing a family pet is no joking matter. Jones’ kids are probably crushed. So if you’re in the ABQ and you see a big, fancy cat roaming the streets, please call Ricky Kottenstette at 505-304-1790. You’ll be rewarded handsomely.