Jon Jones and Tyson Griffin spar in Twitter battle about Daniel Cormier

Unleash the birds!

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The war of words brewing between UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier has started to spill over into other fighters taking up the cause of putting the bout together in the near future.

Cormier recently sent a message to Jones via FOX Sports asking for a title shot, to which the champion responded by saying, "I have no interest in fighting you right now only because you really haven’t fought anyone that I can consider a top level fighter."

Hearing that statement fueled Cormier’s teammate and former UFC fighter Tyson Griffin to take to Twitter to go after Jones’ statements that the two-time Olympian hasn’t fought any top caliber competition.

The post yielded a response from Jones, who sent Griffin a direct message, which then opened the floodgates of exchanges between the two fighters. 

The back and forth from Griffin and Jones then saw one of Cormier’s sponsors release some direct messages of his own that UFC light heavyweight champion sent him on Twitter as well.

Whether this most recent encounter will get a Jones vs. Cormier fight any closer to actually happening remains to be seen, but it’s certainly drawing a lot of attention for both fighters right now.