Jessica Penne and Marina Shafir explain the benefits of ‘resting bitch face’

Jessica Penne and Marina Shafir joined Adam Hunter for the MMA Roasted Podcast to talk about the intersection between wrestling throws, dating, and "resting bitch face," among other topics. Penne explained her useful, self-described affliction.

"It’s just something I have to deal with. I’m an introvert. I have resting bitch face. It’s a constant struggle," she said.

Marina commiserated saying, "I feel like it’s a protection thing. You don’t want to have to talk to everybody. Especially at work – Don’t [expletive] talk to me."

Adam said that if creating distance is the goal, the TUF assisting coach veteran Shafir certainly accomplished that this past season. "When you were on TV, I didn’t think that you spoke English," he claimed.

"The entire Ultimate Fighter, I thought that you were just like, some James Bond Villain, or something."

Later in the episode, both the fighting ladies got their revenge on Adam for his ribs, and ganged up on him. Listen to the entire episode below!