Is Carlos Condit the UFC’€™s new Most Handsome Man?

Introducing the leader of the UFC's 'Team Handsome'.

With Georges St-Pierre gone for who knows how long, Carlos Condit is clearly the UFC’s new man to carry the torch.

No, we don’t mean in the welterweight division. We mean for the title of MMA’€™s Most Handsome Man.

Why, just check out this pictorial from Citizen K magazine (it’€™s French, so it has to be classy). Yes, this issue hit newsstands in the middle of 2013, but it’s new to us ‘Mericans, so we’re posting it up anyway.  

Condit was also on the cover of this publication, looking rather dapper, we must say. The juxtaposition of suit and sloppy hand-wraps is pretty well executed. No snark here.

Remember when Dana White said recently that 45 percent of the UFC’s fanbase is female? Now we know why.