HOT DAMN! Josh Barnett moshes with Every Time I Die, launches kid into crowd

'The Torture Rack', feared by 90's middleschool kids across the country.

UFC heavyweight Josh Barnett recently uploaded this video to instagram and it makes two things crystal clear.

1) Josh Barnett likes to party.

2) Josh Barnett has exceptional taste in my music.

‘The Warmaster’, frequent concert go-er and lover of all things metal, hooked up with his buds in mainstay metalcore act ‘Every Time I Die’ for a night of fun times. The result was this video, showing Barnett in all his glory as he picks a kid up in the ‘torture rack’ position and launches him into the crowd before sticking the landing on a high five like a bearded Kerri Strug.

If you have any of the following interests: heavy metal, cats, muscle cars or fighting; you should follow Josh on instagram.