Guy wins grappling match by submission (via fart)

The sheer look of disgust on this man's face makes the entire video.

Brazilian jiu-jitsu is a beautiful, ever-evolving sport. New techniques are invented all the time and one was put on display over the weekend at a North American Grappling Association (NAGA) tournament.

One of the competitors, from bottom position, combined an omaplata with flatulence and the result was a quick tap. Very impressive and creative. It was a finish that even Tim Sylvia would be proud of.

The expression on the loser’s face was absolutely priceless as he uttered the words: "You farted in my face, bro." Then he just flat-out puked. Usually a long, hard BJJ practice might induce some nausea. This guy vomited just seconds into the roll.

Much like spinning kicks, this kind of advanced stuff seeps into MMA rather quickly. The real question is who will be the first person in the UFC to employ this technique? Our best guess: Yoel Romero.