Good Morning America did a segment on Ronda Rousey and it was awkward

Ronda on GMA: Great idea on paper, bad idea on TV.

It’€™s always an adventure when the mainstream media takes a crack at covering the UFC. And when it comes to mainstream media,€œGood Morning America is well up the food chain. It would be kind of cool if they did just a little homework, though.

Then again, they broke some news about Ronda Rousey on Saturday morning. Did you know that Ronda Rousey is the first woman to ever win an Ultimate Fighting Championship? We had no idea the UFC was still doing one-night tournaments.

In the 2:30 clip, Rousey is described as a cross between Rocky and Tomb Raider. And the reporter who hosted the segment said she’€™s "€œscared to watch"€ Rousey fight Miesha Tate at UFC 168 on Saturday night. Oh, ok.

In all seriousness, getting on GMA is huge for the UFC. And any slight inaccuracies, though comical to the MMA fan, will surely be taken with a smile from the company.

Rousey continues to be the only fighter who can generate this kind of attention. Even though she’€™s such a heavy favorite against Tate, the big media outlets only seem to care about her.

Anderson Silva and Chris Weidman are inarguably handsome men, but the pretty blonde with the dirty mouth wins every time in this country. That’s why Rousey is the UFC’€™s biggest draw heading into 2014 with Georges St-Pierre on the shelf, perhaps forever.