Fighter & The Kid: Sydney Leroux would be an angry fighter

Sydney Leroux is one of the most famous women’s soccer players in the world and she loves the UFC.

But, after watching the second fight between Anderson Silva and Chris Weidman in December, Leroux was a little turned off. In that bout, of course, Silva broke his left leg when Weidman blocked a kick. "I literally almost threw up," Leroux said this week on the Fighter & The Kid podcast.

The U.S. women’s national team striker joined Brendan Schaub and Bryan Callen on the show this week, talking about everything from the fitness of soccer players to how she would do if she were in an MMA fight. Schaub and Callen were convinced Leroux would be able to scrap, because of her athleticism.

Leroux wasn’t so sure. She thinks she would fight angry. "If I got hit in the face, I would be rattled," Leroux said. "I would be mad." Leroux, 24, said she watched the Weidman-Silva fight in Cabo San Lucas with her mother and seeing Silva’s leg gruesomely broken was a traumatic event.

She still enjoys watching the UFC, just not as much after that. "The Silva fight kind of ruined it for me," she said. Leroux spent a whole hour hanging out with the boys and a penalty kick contest between her and Schaub was agreed to.

All that and everyone discusses their athlete crush in this latest edition of The Fighter & The Kid.