Don Frye’s UFC 168 predictions – a great idea with incredibly bad execution

'JUST BLEED' guy would be proud.

Don Frye is a bad ass. A man’€™s man. A fighter’s fighter.

He’s not an actor. And he doesn’t need some overproduced ‘€œshow’€ to make him seem like any of the above.

Don Frye’€™s UFC predictions on YouTube is a great idea with embarrassing execution. We don’€™t need to be force-fed the fact that Frye is a hard dude. He is naturally. We don’€™t need him to say when he fought the fighters either went ‘€œto the hospital or the after-party – if you’€™re tough enough.’€

Don Frye with a script to follow is not a good Don Frye. It’€™s strained and awkward. Cringe-worthy. Just let the man riff. Imagine giving Nick Diaz a script to play a socially awkward stoner? It’€™s unnecessary.

The entire video is a commentary on what a tough bastard Frye is and then he throws in a joke about ‘€œFamily Guy.’€ Seriously? Frye should have grabbed the director by the back of the head and punched his face repeatedly. We’re sure he wanted to.

By the way, Frye is picking Weidman by decision Saturday at UFC 168 and he also likes Miesha Tate, though he was not pleased to be talking about women fighting (very original). Also, ‘The Predator’€ has a man crush on Josh Barnett.

"Josh is gonna have the belt around his waist in a year," says Frye.

That’€™s fine. Let’s try this again for UFC 169 except without a dress rehearsal beforehand. Don Frye being Don Frye is gold. Don Frye with a veritable teleprompter is unwatchable.