Daniel Cormier and Cain Velasquez go ice fishing in Russia

Ice fishing: the only thing more popular than dash cams in Russia.

We’ll probably never see them fight, so we’ll have to settle for watching Daniel Cormier and Cain Velasquez go ice fishing in Siberia.

The two UFC stars don’€™t look so tough all bundled up in frigid Russia. In this video, Velasquez is messing around with his American Kickboxing Academy wrestling coach when Cormier is just trying to catch him some damn fish. We didn’€™t have Velasquez pegged as a chop-buster, but seeing it from him is a breath of fresh air.


Cormier will move down to light heavyweight to face Rashad Evans in February at UFC 170 in Las Vegas. Part of the reason is his unwillingness to fight Velasquez, the heavyweight champion.

Velasquez is currently out until the end of 2014 following shoulder surgery. Perhaps a trip to Tyumen, in Western Siberia, is part of his rehab. What better place to ice your sore joint than a place that’s pretty much entirely ice?

The two of them should track down Fedor Emelianenko and try to lure him out of retirement. Or at least get into a fake lobby fight like Jon Jones and Frank Mir and wrestle some bears. Because, what else is there to do in Russia? Besides dunking babies in ice-cold water.