Dana White: Silva will be ‘walking without crutches in 30 days’

The Spider will be up and walking in no time. 

Dana White

Does this look like the same guy who crumpled to the mat screaming in agony less than two weeks ago?

Anderson Silva isn’t even wearing a cast on the leg he broke in most grisly fashion on Dec. 28 in a middleweight title fight at UFC 168, according to pictures taken Friday by UFC president Dana White. The photo of Silva’s leg looks almost normal except for some bandaging.

White tweeted that Silva is doing "AMAZING" and will be "walking without crutches in 30 days." Ah, the miracles of modern science. That steel rod surgically implanted in his tibia is doing its job rather nicely. We bet Dominick Cruz wishes he had something like that for his ACL.

White told FOX Sports that he and UFC CEO Lorenzo Fertitta would be visiting Silva and his family at their home in Los Angeles on Friday. Silva told White last week during a hospital visit: "I’m coming back." But White prefers to talk about the potential of a return to the Octagon in "six or seven months."

Silva, the greatest UFC champion of all time, is 38 years old and there were rumors about his retirement even before his leg snapped in one of the most horrific scenes in UFC history. Will he actually come back? And if so, will he be even a fraction of his former self?

Those are probably questions that will be asked throughout 2014.