Dana White nixes Anderson Silva’s 2016 Olympics taekwondo bid

Gold belts or gold medals -- it's all the same to Anderson Silva.


If it seems like Anderson Silva sometimes wants to do anything but compete in an MMA fight, it’s because, yeah, that’s true.

Not only does the former UFC middleweight champion — and the greatest MMA fighter of all time — want to box Roy Jones Jr., he also wished to tryout for the 2016 Olympics in taekwondo, he told Roda Viva in Brazil (translation via MMA Fighting).

Apparently, UFC president Dana White nixed the idea. Silva actually is a black belt in the martial art and it wouldn’t be completely shocking if he held his own. Would you bet against him?

If this is not another indication of Silva being bored, we don’t know what is. And hey, wouldn’t you be after making the best the MMA world has to offer look foolish for seven years?

He would lose control.

--Anderson Silva on Dana White

"I think that Dana could let me tryout in taekwondo for the 2016 Olympic Games and let me fight Roy, but if he let me do that, he would need to let other fighters do their things, so he would lose control," Silva told Roda Viva.

The all-time great added: "[Dana White] is a big dad, but we have our fights all the time. He’s the Bush of MMA."

Silva, the politics buff. He told us one time that the only person he cared to please was "Obama."

Come to think of it, all of this could just be Silva once again razzing the media. Because the only thing Silva likes to do less than compete in MMA is talk about competing in MMA with reporters.