Cung Le’€™s next opponent is Dolph Lundgren, not in the Octagon


Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

First thing first, Dolph Lundgren looks AMAZING.

In the first must see film for MMA fans since Gina Carano’€™s ‘€œHaywire’ last year, UFC middleweight Cung Le is returning to the silver screen for the 13th time with ‘A Certain Justice’.

It’s a classic tale of a returning war veteran who helps a damsel (hooker) in distress, but it’€™s simply the wrong town for doing the right thing. Turns out Lundgren as the arch-villain named Hollis who looks like Jon Voight in ‘€œHeat’€* and he runs an Aryan criminal enterprise built on violence & fear, and he doesn’€™t like do-gooder heroes like ‘€œJohn’€ played by Le.

From there, it’€™s a butterfly effect of John stopping a mugging leading to Hollis murdering John’s family and burning down their dry-cleaners, which leads to John going all ‘Invasion U.S.A.’ on Hollis and his henchmen while ‘€œRooster’ by Alice in Chains blares in the background tying all the gun & knife fighting into a beautiful aggro tapestry of vengeance.

Rounding out the cast, ‘€œBullet-Tooth Tony’ Vinnie Jones as someone who has a speaking role and is seemingly tortured by Le. Also, Le’s real life MMA coach Scott Sheeley plays a character who one would assume has a fight scene with Le.

*too esoteric of a reference, try James Hetfield circa Black Album.