Chris Weidman wants to throw your kid’s next birthday party

Who wouldn't want to share a birthday party with these guys? 

Donald Miralle/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Whenever you think of the dynamic duo of UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman and coach Ray Longo the first thing that comes to mind are kids birthday parties, right?

Well apparently the top fighter in the world at 185-pounds and his head coach are looking to throw your kid his or her next birthday party at their gym in New York City.

From the "stranger than fiction" files, Weidman first revealed his new party business on Instagram this week while advertising for his new gym, LAW MMA (Longo and Weidman) in New York.

The advertisement seems like a pretty good sell to potential parents who want to celebrate a birthday at a gym run by the best middleweight on the planet — although there’s no confirmation at this time that the demand was really all that high actually.

Still, Weidman and Longo want your kid to have their celebration at the gym.

They seem to provide all the essentials — games, prizes, pizza, soda, invitations and even an ancient cake cutting ceremony (no clue what that means, but here’s hoping it involves Longo instructing Weidman to punch a hole through the (expletive) cake).

Just bring the kid and the cake and you’re all set.

Unfortunately there’s no word on Matt Serra cooking for the parties, but word on the street is that guy cooks a mean bowl of pasta.