Chris Weidman, Forrest Griffin star in a pair of random commercials

Al Iaquinta (background) steals the show in this commercial when he basically video bombs Chris Weidman (right) and his wife Marivi.

It’s too bad these commercials weren’t around last week or they would have made our list of the most ridiculous ads starring MMA fighters.

Chris Weidman is one of the nicest guys in the business, an absolute stud in the Octagon and the UFC middleweight champion. As for his acting? Well, you can come to your own conclusions.

Weidman, his wife Marivi and UFC lightweight Al Iaquinta star in this commercial for The Jewelry Gallery of Oyster Bay. Really the whole thing could not be more Long Island, from the accents down to the clothing. Iaquinta steals the show, basically video bombing Weidman and Marivia at the end.

Also, the whole "ring" play-on-words would make a lot more sense if Weidman didn’t fight in something called an Octagon.

Forrest Griffin has Weidman beat on the whole acting front. But endorsing a lawyer who defends people accused of DUI? Ugh. There’s gotta be a better way to make money than that in a post-fighting career. Griffin is a pretty talented dude. And hilarious. Why don’t we see him do more TV?

At least the text at the bottom of the screen says Griffin isn’t an actual client and it’s a paid endorsement. That clears that up.

It’s too bad Griffin’s character on Law & Order SVU a few years ago didn’t have this attorney on call.