Burt Watson makes surprise MC appearance at Joe Lauzon’s wedding

Kjeld Mahoney Photography

Kjeld Mahoney Photography

One of our favorites, UFC lightweight star Joe Lauzon, got married late last week. The occasion was a joyous one for Lauzon and his bride, Katie, and we’re happy to congratulate them and their entire family.

Another special guest also made an appearance to not just congratulate the happy pair, but also to introduce them as a married couple to the world for the first time. Longtime UFC event coordinator Burt Watson, admiringly nicknamed the "Babysitter to the Stars," surprised Joe and Katie’s reception party by popping out on stage.

According to comments made on a UG thread by Lauzon’s best man, Chris Palmquist, he and the rest of the groomsmen planned Watson’s appearance months ago and kept it secret from Lauzon the entire time. Lauzon’s boxing coach and groomsman, Steve Maze, introduced Watson, who got a huge pop from the Lauzon wedding attendees.

"Someone who cares a lot about Joe, is very passionate about what he does — just like Joe, just like Katie. So, I want to introduce to everybody, the babysitter to the stars, Mr. Burt Watson," he said.

Then, Watson appeared on stage, microphone in hand, and booming voice in tow. "I’d like to introduce to you, friends and family, for the very first time as Mr. and Mrs. Joe Lauzon!"

For everyone who has missed Watson’s voice backstage at UFC events, soak it all in, you guys. "We rooooolllling!" Watson yelled.

"All night long, baby! This is what we do and why we do it!"

The whole thing was videotaped by the man behind Lauzon’s always excellent video blogs, Brandon Chase. Watch it all above.

As Joe and Katie came out, smiling and laughing in surprise, Watson delivered a specially tailored message to the new groom. "Joe, this is your night," he began, just as he had many times before over the years to the fighter, moments before he walked to the UFC Octagon to compete.

"You don’t have to fight, but you’d better get it right. All night long, baby!"