Bruce Buffer’s crazy sex life & more on latest It’s Time podcast

Recent birthday boy Bruce Buffer got personal on the most recent episode of the It’s Time podcast with a special S&R show. That stands for sex and relationship show, in case you were wondering.

Buffer had a number of guests on this episode, most of whom, it turns out, he’s had sex with. Buffer makes no apologies for his globe-trotting, tart-snatching lifestyle, however.

"Most married men are completely jealous of my existence — the way it’s designed. As far as, surrogate wife, surrogate kids," he said.

"I get to travel the world like James Bond, not have to kill anybody and I can sleep with whoever I want…I think there’s been a couple of three months of committment."

So, you know, there’s that. Many men may not be jealous of Bruce’s brother’s existence, however, after it was revealed on this episode he was once sexually accousted by a horned-up, dream-state Bruce when they shared a hotel bed, years ago.

We really don’t know what to tell you about that situation other than that you need to listen to the episode in full. Even then, it may not make much sense, but you’ll certainly still be entertained.