Brendan Schaub challenges Mark Hunt to winner takes all fight

Who will survive this winner takes all matchup? 

Brendan Schaub isn’t shy when it comes to asking for what he wants.  The former Ultimate Fighter finalist doesn’t always get his request, but part of the fight game is going after a goal and this time he’s got his eyes set on a showdown with New Zealand heavy hitter Mark Hunt.

The two heavyweights were apparently on a collision course for the recently announced UFC Fight Night Card in New Zealand, but Hunt’s lingering hand injury from his last fight against Antonio ‘Bigfoot’ Silva kept him from accepting the bout set for June 28.

It didn’t take long for the Twitter-verse to stir up the question about the proposed fight while tagging both Hunt and Schaub’s handles to get a reaction.  A few messages later and Hunt was stirring the pot after he said the fight with Schaub wouldn’t be any good because he sucks.

Well, of course at that point Schaub, who had been pretty quiet on the subject outside of saying he really wanted the fight had to get involved.  Needless to say, it didn’t take long for Schaub to fire a few shots right at Hunt while aiming directly at his less than stellar overall record and submission defense since transitioning full time to MMA after his kickboxing career ended.

The back and forth continued for a few more messages until Hunt actually intimated that he would pull off his first UFC submission at Schaub’s expense.  Now it’s well known that Hunt is a standup fighter with knockout power in his hands and concrete in his chin, while Schaub has plenty of finishes on the feet as well but lately has been developing a slick jiu-jitsu game, which has become more of his bread and butter.

Once Schaub received that threat from Hunt, he turned the tables on the former K-1 fighter and offered to go purse for purse in a winner takes all match when they finally meet inside the Octagon.

Hunt took the bait asking Schaub to include the stipulation in his call to UFC president Dana White to make the fight happen with total purses up for grabs.  Now this isn’t the first time fighters have tried to wager these kinds of bets before a fight, and the UFC won’t actually get involved in a ‘purse vs. purse’ situation, but as gentlemen Schaub and Hunt can do whatever they choose with their earnings.

It certainly appeared as the conversation came to a close that both Schaub and Hunt were on board for a winner takes all matchup later this year.  Now it’s just a matter of Hunt letting his hand heal and the UFC deciding when these two heavyweights will finally face off in the Octagon.

It may seem like something out of the pro wrestling world, but at this point the fight appears destined to happen and after the Twitter exchange on Wednesday, the interviews and trash talk in the lead up for this one should be legendary.