‘€˜Bigfoot’ Silva has put on 17 pounds since weigh-ins

"Thorg hungry, Thorg want EAT!"

Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

In case you forgot why he’€™s called ‘€œBigfoot,’€ here’€™s a hefty reminder.

Antonio Silva, who meets Mark Hunt in the UFC Fight Night main event Friday night in Australia, posted a photo on his Instagram earlier in the day of himself on the scale -€“ weighing 282 pounds.

Now, of course, the heavyweight maximum in the UFC is 265, so he’€™s put on 17 pounds since Thursday night. Goodness. That is either one large man or 2 1/2 Demetrious ‘€œMighty Mouse’€ Johnson’s. And Silva wrote in the caption that he still has three more pounds to go.

If his size isn’€™t frightening enough, take a look at those feet. People have been looking for Bigfoot or Sasquatch of the Yeti -€“ whatever you want to call it -€“ for generations. Well, just watch Fox Sports 1 on Friday night and you’€™ll see him trying to submit Hunt in Brisbane.