Bader posts photo of nasty broken hand after destroying Perosh

Hand + Head = Broken hand.  

Who knew that punching a man in the skull hundreds of times could do so much damage to a hand? Oh right, everyone.

Ryan Bader posted a photo of his hand on Instagram after his fight with Anthony Perosh at UFC Fight Night on Friday and it looks like one of those balloon animals street entertainers create and give to little kids.

Bader said the right hand was broken, which comes as little surprise since he used it as a weapon to batter Perosh for three full rounds. It was one of the most lopsided decisions the UFC has seen recently and Bader probably wishes the referee stopped it as much as Perosh does.

On a positive note, the 30-year-old is back on a winning path after getting knocked out by Glover Teixeira in September. Bader shouldn’€™t expect as quick a turnaround for his next fight. That hand looks like it’s going to need some serious healing time.