Anderson Silva out of bed, in good spirits joking with family

Anderson Silva is back on his feet.

Rainier Ehrhardt/Getty Images for NASCAR

The Spider has risen.

Anderson Silva is on crutches and in good spirits, a video his teenage son, Kalyl, posted on Instagram demonstrates.

The quick clip shows Silva resting on crutches, laughing and talking with his family on New Year’s Day. The former UFC middleweight champion still seems a little out of it (morphine will do that to you) and possibly in some pain. You can see him grimacing a bit.

But then again, that should be, ahem, normal. The man just had his leg snap damn near in half five days ago. He isn’t going to be himself for quite some time.

It’s still unclear whether Silva will return to the Octagon. Dr. Steve Sanders, who performed the operation to input a rod into Silva’s leg to stabilize the fractured bones, said he won’t be able to start training again until nine months from now. However, the doctor also said Silva kept asking him: "When can I train?"