5-on-5 team MMA is the craziest thing you’ll see today

Apparently, somewhere in the world there is a thing called "Team Fighting Championship," which as you probaby suspected, is basically a bunch of dudes fighting MMA. At the same time. In this particular case, it’s 5-on-5 style, which you gotta say, makes March Madness a perfect time to launch, am I right?

According to the TFC powers that be, safety is an utmost priority. No, seriously, it’s right there on their website, even though they allow head stomps, kicks to the head of grounded opponents, and oh, yeah, gang attacks. That’s right, the fights all go on simultaneously, so once a fighter is eliminated — aka knocked out or submitted — his team is at a numbers disadvantage. That means someone is going to catch a 2-on-1 beating. Or 3-on-1 beating. Or if he’s really lucky, he’ll get the entire 5-on-1 power play.

But have no fear, the referees will be looking out for his safety.

At least they’re not totally hiding what they are, as they describe their product as "the exciting moments of a group street fighting transferred to the sport grounds."