You’ve been served … with this terrific French Open dance-off

Dance Dance (French) Revolution: Laurent Lokoli (at left, with a fan) and Gael Monfils. 

Getty Images

Nothing like a little pop-locking to get you in the mood for some tennis. 

Which is what Gael Monfils and Laurent Lokoli did by staging an epic dance-off, French Open style. 

The two Gallic players showed off an impressive array of hip-hop stylings largely unseen at Roland Garros during this French Open Kids’ Day event. Monfils started out swinging with some one-armed handstands and a lot of swagger against a rainy Parisian backdrop. 

Lokoli returned the volley with his own repertoire of robotic moves. But Monfils pretty much shut it down when he brought out his ace and performed a backward somersault into a handstand on the red clay court. 

Check out the video below, and decide who won this match for yourself:

Or maybe we all win for getting to watch this Parisian hip-hopping treat.  

(H/t Deadspin)