Venus and Serena’s father doesn’t want his son playing tennis

Serena Williams celebrates with her father, Richard Williams, after her 2012 Wimbledon victory. 

Julian Finney/Getty Images

Richard Williams, father and coach of tennis superstars Venus and Williams, said he doesn’t want his infant son, Dylan, to follow his half-sisters’ career choice, The New Yorker’s Talk of the Town reported

The 72-year-old appeared at New York’s Hudson Union Society on May 6 to tout his new memoir, "Black and White: The Way I See It," and how he went from a rough childhood in Shreveport, Louisiana, to raising two of the world’s tennis greats.

Though in hindsight, there may not be enough money in the sport for Venus and Serena’s half-brother to follow suit, Williams said. 


"With the things I know now, Venus and Serena wouldn’t have been there," he told the gathered crowd. "Look at Donald Sterling. … What sport do you think he played? Not one! And he makes enough to pay every single player."

While Venus and Serena’s father wanted his daughters to become millionaires, Williams has greater dreams for Dylan, his infant son with his third wife, Lakeisha Graham. "He’ll never be a billionaire in tennis," Williams said. 

The tennis coach and father said he would rather his now-22-month-old delve into precious metals ("Gold mines are easy to get") and study "all types of commodities." 

"Just two big sales and he’s set," Williams continued. "Then he can play tennis for the rest of his life."

H/t For the Win