Images of the planned US Open roof

After a whopping five straight years of rain pushing the men’s final at the US Open back to Monday, the USTA is taking action to ensure it won’t happen again.

A new retractable roof is set to cover Arthur Ashe Stadium by 2017, the USTA announced Thursday while also giving us an idea what it will look like.

This is all part of a larger renovation at the facility that will include a new and improved version of both Louis Armstrong Stadium and the Grandstand — the facility’s second- and third-largest courts.

Here is an aerial rendering of the overall changes:

This one gives you a better look at the similar covering over Louis Armstrong Stadium (top right):

Here it is with the Grandstand, which will be moved to the opposite corner of the complex, in the foreground:

The tournament has ended on a Monday rather than its normally scheduled Sunday for five straight years due to inclement weather postponing matches, and the US Open was previously the only of the four majors without a plan to address bad conditions. The Australian Open has retractable coverings for its two stadium courts. Wimbledon’s Centre Court too. And Roland Garros recently announced plans to do the same.

(Images from USTA and Rossetti, via AP)