Sharapova’s lack of Sachin knowledge bugs the heck out of cricket fans

Maria Sharapova (right) has never heard of cricket legend (and Wimbledon attendee) Sachin Tendulkar. 

What does a swarm of angry cricket fans sound like? 

Maria Sharapova quickly found out when she professed not to know the sport’s greatest legend. 

This came after a particularly star-studded Royal Box at Wimbledon last Saturday that hosted boldfaced names such as David Beckham, Bobby Charlton, Ian Poulter and Sachin Tendulkar … possibly the most famous cricket player of all time

Only, when asked about Tendulkar at a press conference following her match, the French Open winner admitted to never having heard of the guy TIME magazine called the "God of Cricket" at all. 

Tendulkar met with David Beckham at Wimbledon’s Royal Box last Saturday. 

Here is the transcript, according to article titled, "Maria Sharapova does not know who Sachin Tendulkar is!!": 

Apparently, cricket is not as big of a sport in Sharapova’s native Russia as it is in, say, India. Though that hasn’t stopped Sachin’s very-vocal fanbase from bugging out all over Sharapova’s Facebook page, trolling the tennis pro’s comments sections with Tendulkar’s career stats, Tendulkar videos, or lines and lines of Sachin’s name repeated over and over. 

Sachin’s fans even got #whoismariasharapova trending on Twitter. Here’s a sampling of the ire Sharapova’s naivete has inspired on social media: 

Tendulkar (right) met with Roger Federer at Wimbledon in 2011. 

H/t Deadspin