Serena gets ‘Breaking Bad’ treatment

It’s not quite as smooth as the guy who dropped 46 rap references in a Louisville highlight package, but this video is pretty great nonetheless.

Tennis announcer Kevin Skinner called Serena Williams’ match last Friday at the China Open against Caroline Wozniacki, infusing it with multiple Breaking Bad references — and he made no attempt at being subtle about it:

Among the more egregious (slash awesome) lines:

— "She’s finding the right combination, the right elements to mix together … like a stellar high school chemistry teacher in Albuquerque."

— "Serena Williams, who has been dismissing opponents as if she works for Vamanos Pest …"

— "And the challenge goes to Serena, who is looking to continue this Hector Salamanca-like blowing up of Caroline Wozniacki’s service game."

— "Serena Williams has gone all Heisenberg on Caroline Wozniacki, saying, ‘I’m not in danger. I am the danger.’"

For the uninitiated, the award-winning AMC series — which centered on the character of Walter White, a high school chemistry teacher-turned-meth cook — ended its memorable run on Sept. 29. Clearly, many fans are not ready to say goodbye.

Skinner responded to a fan’s props on his Twitter feed, which is also full of commentary on Breaking Bad:

Serena proved worthy of the Heisenberg comparisons, going on to beat Wozniacki easily and later dispatch Jelena Jankovic to win the title, her whopping 10th tournament victory in one of the best years of her career.