Federer finally cutting loose on Twitter

Roger Federer is still quite new to Twitter, relatively speaking, but things are looking up in the entertainment department.

Since joining in May, the 17-time Grand Slam champion’s feed has been filled mostly with thank yous, pleasantries, announcements of what upcoming minor tournaments he plans on playing, photos of him at practice and other sweet nothings of little general interest.

The last week has been a different story. Sparked by a Q&A with fans, Federer’s feed has suddenly turned up the cool factor. Some of our favorites from the week that was:

He is apparently a fan of Allen Iverson’s famous ‘practice’ rant

He took time out to create a Ben Affleck-themed hash tag

He took a selfie with a dude almost kissing a teddy bear in the background

He took another selfie with an adoring Chinese contingent trailing behind him

He assured us he will never get ticketed for a TUI

He made a funny about a poster of himself

Many of his latest gems came on Oct. 8, when he announced to fans he would be doing a Q&A sessions since it "had been a while" since the last one. That last one was a Reddit Ask Me Anything he did in May.

Whatever is spurring on the lighter side of Rog, we hope it continues.