Amazingly, this is only like the fifth-most ridiculous picture Roger Federer’s ever taken

Roger Federer is a photographer’s dream: Famous, handsome and willing to use props like a hack comedian on a cruise ship. His latest, greatest photograph has him jumping on a hidden trampoline and playing air guitar on the strings on his tennis racquet. For a guy who missed six months because he got hurt giving his kids a bath, it seems like a wise frivolity. The pic was taken in promotion for the Ryder Cup-like tournament he’s spearheading – the Laver Cup – and also, presumably, an upcoming announcement that he’s leaving tennis to focus on his music career.

The PR for the LaverCup also involved the tired tennis stunt of playing on a barge which, I don’t know, Huck Finn kind of has that on lock. But kudos nonetheless because – voila – you’ve now heard of the Laver Cup. If they had dressed up Federer in a Slash wig/hat with a dangling cigarette and given him a backstory of a fractious relationship with Axl Rose, the Laver Cup folks probably could have gotten you to buy tickets too.

The music phase is just another step in the life of the ultimate sporting chameleon. He’s had his boy-band phase, his pinup phase, his James Bond phase,

his Asian-inspired phase, his SEC-baseball player phase, his J.R. Ewing phase, his The Devil Wears Shirts That Need More Buttons phase,

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his Eurotrash soccer player phase, his pretentious French director phase,

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his I-don’t-which-life-decisions-got-me-here-but-I’m-hanging-out-with-Lindsay-Lohan phase,

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his Lawrence of Arabia phase, his bad-boy phase, his bovine phase, his Stradivarius phase,

his’80s buddy sitcom phase, his drum circle phase,

his Ted Williams phase, his Mr. Reredef phase (I like the way Reredef thinks!),

and his famed Honey, I Shrunk The Kids phase.

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He’s an enigma. Roger Federer: the most stylish man in the world, a cool cat and a guy so dorky he makes your dad look like Steve Mc-freakin-Queen.