Watch Roger Federer’s tearful celebration after awkward Australian Open match point

Roger Federer was denied a typical Grand Slam celebration on Sunday when the crosscourt winner he hit on Rafael Nadal clipped the line, was called good but was challenged by Nadal, who never really expected an overturn but as they say, you can’t take challenges with you. After a tense 10 seconds of waiting to see whether a computer graphic would determine whether Roger Federer was a Grand Slam champion or still playing his match with Nadal, the Hawkeye showed the ball clipped the line and Federer was finally able to revel in the 18th major that seemed so elusive for so long.

Then, as he’d done on this court eight years earlier after a match with Nadal, only in sadness not exultation, Federer began to cry – the culmination of almost a half-decade of work in defying tennis history to become one of the greatest older champions ever, to go with his status as the greatest champion ever too.

You’ve earned it, Roger.

Federer’s wife, Mirka, who was living and dying with every point this tournament (she’s usually quite cool in the player’s box), showed how much the title means to the family with this loving embrace of her husband. (The kids must have been in bed, though I hope his girls – now 7 – were able to see Dad win a Slam for the first time.)