Bill Clinton, Ricky Martin fete Serena

This is just too cute.

Moments after winning her fifth career US Open title, fending off a windy night at Arthur Ashe Stadium and a valiant effort from Victoria Azarenka, Serena Williams was greeted in the tunnel by friends and well-wishers, including two celebrities you might not have expected.

We’re talking, of course, about Latin pop star Ricky Martin and former US President Bill Clinton.

No, really:

The symbolism here is uncanny. Martin launched himself to superstardom with the release of the timeless classic "Livin’ la Vida Loca." The year was 1999. The same year that Serena won her first ever Grand Slam title — at the US Open. And who was President at the time? Clinton.

What else happened in 1999? Actress Eva Longoria landed her first television role. She was attending the Open with Martin and was there too for the post-match party:

If someone set all this up intentionally, kudos. If not, this is more eerie than anything that happened on Lost.

Somewhere, Prince is smiling.

(Photos via Getty Images)