Watch Rafael Nadal pose as inept helicopter pilot, scare stuffing out of would-be riders

Tennis star Rafael Nadal serves up a pretty good prank along with his court game. 

The 14-time Grand Slam title winner, who has been sidelined with a wrist injury as of late, was challenged to test his poker bluffing game by the folks over at PokerStars and gave a gaggle of unsuspecting travelers the ride of their lives. 

Nadal posed as a novice helicopter pilot chartered to fly couples over the Spanish island of Majorca. While the passengers were initially pleased to see arguably the finest red clay court player of all time in the cockpit, the excitement soon turned into abject, terrifying fear when the unwitting riders soon discovered Rafa had no idea what he was doing. 

Check out the entertaining clip below, and see if you’d like to fly Nadal Airways: