Nike fixed controversial Wimbledon dresses, while Serena Williams looked positively regal


Reigning Wimbledon champion, and current Grand Slam slumpee, Serena Williams took to Centre Court Tuesday afternoon for the traditional opening match for the defending Ladies champion. And while the game itself was fairly nondescript – Serena didn't play well though No. 148 Amra Sadikovic was a fine challenger – it was Serena's dress that, once again, stole the show.

With her mom Oracene sitting in the Royal Box, Serena emerged in a high-collared dress with a tight bodice that flowed into a pleated skirt, all of which was, of course, white, thus conforming with Wimbledon's rules. She looked like a boss. And she knew it.

I'm not sure about her selfie taking – I get that this is supposed to be arty, but arty should not be a synonym for “vertigo-inducing” – but I'm with her on the dress. That high, powerful collar is something out of Elizabethan royalty.

Serena's outfit, which was introduced to near unanimous praise on Twitter (which, on the disagreeable social media site, means that like 75% of people liked it), was a nice coup for Nike, which entered Wimbledon with the embarrassment of having to adjust its other dress, one that will be worn by more than a dozen players and will be sold at retail. (Serena doesn't wear such plebeian clothing.) The reason for the recall: The skirt was too short. (Nike says it wasn't a “recall” but an “alteration for athletes as they compete.” Tomato, tomah-to.)

Here it was in its original construction. To call it a miniskirt would be wrong since that implies it was ever a skirt. It was like a T-shirt that was one size too big.

It looked like a nightie that would have been worn during an early-1990s late-night show on USA. I'd describe it further, but it sounds so much better with the British bent. From The Daily Mail:

That's the new length on Vekic. Here it is again on Grand Slam finalist Safarova.

Wimbledon had approved the dress but players complained to Nike after they found the dress was rising too high and becoming too revealing every time they hit the ball. Adjustments were made on site.

Kinda in love with my wimbledon dress @nikecourt #audemarspiguet #nikecourt

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Croatian rising star Donna Vekic, and Ukraine's Elina Svitolina were all among players who wore Nike's controversial [dress] that was so floaty, it caused the players to flash their knickers every time they took a shot.

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