Man charged with stalking Serena Williams in Fla.

A man was charged with stalking tennis star Serena Williams

after police say they caught him trying to walk into her gated

subdivision in South Florida.

Palm Beach Gardens police said 40-year-old Patenema Ouedraogo

told officers he was going to Williams’ home Monday night ”because

he loves her” and ”he knows the feelings are reciprocal.”

An attorney for Williams said he had recently obtained a

restraining order after Ouedraogo tried to contact the player three


Subdivision security guards stopped Ouedraogo as he walked in a

few minutes after Williams’ sister, Venus, returned home, police

said. The guards had been told to call police immediately if they

saw someone matching Ouedraogo’s description.

It was unclear if Ouedraogo has an attorney. He is being held on

$25,000 bond.

According to the police report, Serena Williams’ attorney,

Malcolm Cunningham, got a restraining order to keep Ouedraogo away

from Williams after he followed her to a meeting with her agent in

Los Angeles in October.

Cunningham told police Ouedraogo pretended to be Williams’

assistant in Tampa earlier this year while she was at the Home

Shopping Network. Ouedraogo allegedly convinced HSN security he

worked for Williams and was given access to her dressing room.

Williams had him escorted from the building, but Ouedraogo waited

outside for the rest of the day.

Cunningham said Ouedraogo also followed Williams to a radio

interview in South Florida last month and demanded to speak with


”It’s been unsettling for her,” Cunningham said in an

interview Tuesday. ”He continues to show up places, including her


On Monday, Palm Beach Gardens police say Ouedraogo told them he

knew where Williams would be because he’d been following her on


Police said they found in Ouedraogo’s backpack a book written by

Williams and a letter to actor Tyrese Gibson asking him to arrange

a meeting between Ouedraogo and Williams.

Ouedraogo called Williams ”his dream soul mate” and said he

would ”do anything to meet her and let her know,” according to

the report.