Judy Murray enjoying Wimbledon title

We feel like we’ve known Judy Murray for a long time. One of the

most visible mothers on the pro tennis tour, we’ve always admired

her devotion to her son and the sport.

And now that young Andy finally has


long-coveted Wimbledon title, she’s going to enjoy it.

Judy was all dressed Sunday night up for

the post-Wimbledon Champions Dinner, and she is once

again lighting it up on Twitter. We’ll let the tweets do the


Here she is post-match with actor Gerard Butler:

Here she is all dressed up for the party:

Here she is hanging out with women’s champ Marion Bartoli, who

looks great


you very much:

Ivan Lendl cleans up really well — and yes, he is capable

of smiling:

This is apparently Sandra Bullock, but … no:

Keep ’em coming, Judy. Good stuff. And


forget to hug.