McEnroe: Let’s dump doubles

Let’s ditch doubles from pro tennis. After all, it’s populated by guys who aren’t good enough at singles.

Who said that? How about a guy who won 78 doubles titles in his career and beyond being one of the best singles players of his era is widely considered one of the greatest doubles players ever?

John McEnroe.

Speaking to The Times of London, Johnny Mac said: “Doubles — why are we even playing it? … I look at it now and say, ‘What is this?’ I don’t even recognize what this is.

“I don’t know what doubles is bringing to the table. The doubles are the slow guys who aren’t quick enough to play singles. Would it be better off, no disrespect, but would it be better off if there was no doubles at all, and we invest all the money we save elsewhere so that some other guys who never really got into a good position in the sport, end up playing more in singles?”

Got to love that little “no disrespect” part. Yeah, I just said you guys aren’t good enough to make it in singles, but it’s not like I’m dissing you or anything.