Genie Bouchard’s Super Bowl blind date got a goodnight kiss and a ‘second date’

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Canadian tennis player Genie Bouchard went through with her public-relations stunt Twitter date on Wednesday night, taking social-media stranger and 20-year-old Mizzou student John Goehrke to a Brooklyn Nets game to pay up for a ‘bet’ they made during the Super Bowl when Bouchard boldly proclaimed the Atlanta Falcons would win a game they led by 25 points. They did all the usual first-date things one has to do: post an Instagram detailing the start of the date to 1.3 million followers, conduct an interview with the YES Network, stop for a chat with TMZ and then post a goodnight kiss to 1.1 million followers on Twitter because, hey, you’ve gotta diversify.

Goehrke, a Patriots fan, said his team would still win, they made a cheeky bet and because there’s no publicity like free publicity, Bouchard paid up and earned a tad bit more attention than’s usually paid to the No. 44 tennis player in the world. Oh, I forgot, the date happened to be the same day that Bouchard’s appearance in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue hit newsstands. Imagine that. It’s like it was fate.

Their night was like something out of a fairy tale, if fairy tales were written by William Morris and CAA. “He picked me up at my hotel, like a gentleman,” Bouchard told TMZ. Well, that all depends on context, I suppose.

On my super bowl twitter date 🙊

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“He got me a nice little gift,” Bouchard said, without revealing whether it was the pelt of the Yeti she wore to the game.

“We enjoyed the game court side,” she added.

Bouchard repeatedly proclaimed surprise that Goehrke was “normal,” which suggests she’s met other Patriots fans before. When asked by TMZ whether there’d be a second date, Bouchard paused and then unconvincingly said, “for sure!”

Bouchard recently revealed she’s dating/seeing/hanging out with/whatever the apparently very-progressive and understanding hockey player Jordan Caron.


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