Eugenie Bouchard: Super Bowl tweets lead to date with lucky fan

Eugenie Bouchard took to Twitter during Super Bowl 51. The Canadian tennis star might end up owing one lucky fan a night out on the town.

Genie Bouchard is known to interact with her fans online. She did just that when she acknowledged a fan’s request for a date if the New England Patriots were to win Super Bowl 51.

Her money was on the Atlanta Falcons… and well, the Pats won.

The Canadian tennis player came out early in favor of the Flacons:

The eager fan, a 20-year-old attending the University of Missouri, jumped at the chance to respond to Bouchard’s declaration of an Atlanta victory:

Bouchard’s response to the fan… “Sure”

The morning after, the Twitter exchange had Bouchard on the hook for a date with the lucky fan. Though it might be difficult to line up a meeting given her busy schedule on tour, there’s no doubt he will wait. In unrelated news, the tennis world also found out that Bouchard is a fan of the movie Space Jam.

Bouchard is always a good sport when it comes to interacting with her fans and the media. This was just another example of why she is such a fan-favorite on tour.

The Canadian tennis player is coming off of two strong performances in both Sydney and then at Melbourne Park for the Australian Open. She will head overseas for WTA Tour tournaments over the next several weeks. Eugenie Bouchard is currently ranked No. 45 in women’s singles tennis.

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