Bouchard opens up about fame and tennis as Australia approaches

Eugenie Bouchard is one of the young rising stars on the WTA Tour. She is known to those both in and outside of the tennis world. Bouchard opened up about what the lifestyle is like on tour.

Eugenie Bouchard is currently the world No. 46 on the WTA Tour. In 2014, she reached her highest ranking of No. 5 amidst a phenomenal run that included semifinals appearances at both the Australian and French Open and a finals loss at Wimbledon.

At just 22-years-old, the Canadian has already proven herself to be a competitive player in women’s singles tennis.

Marketers see Bouchard as the total package.

She encapsulates the perfect mix of beauty and talent that lands magazine covers and stories even when she isn’t in a Grand Slam finals match. That longing by outsiders for her to become the greatest in women’s tennis just because she fits the profile is a strange phenomena.

She told the Sydney International, “For me, tennis is my No.1 priority. People say, ‘you do more photo shoots than practice’. I probably do less photo shoots than other players on tour. I just get the hate for it, I get the press for it. People are going to hate no matter what. I’m going to do me, do my life and that’s it.”

Bouchard insists that the majority of her life is tennis.

She engages fans even while receiving some blowback from what she describes as “haters” but says that the majority of her interactions with fans are positive.

With Serena Williams nearing the final years of her career, women’s tennis is looking for the next great player. Current world No. 1 Angelique Kerber is attempting to solidify her place in the inner circle, but the top positions are up for grabs.

Genie Bouchard represents a younger generation of women’s singles players that has the potential to takeover before we expect.

The Canadian tennis player reached heights many could only dream of in 2014.

She told the Sydney International “If my career were to end tomorrow it would have all been worth it. Obviously I want my career to go another 10 years and I want to achieve my ultimate dreams and goals, but my life is so unique compared to any other normal kid my age. Even if I never win another match on tour it’s still worth it because it’s an unbelievable experience.”

Any player thrown into mix at such a young age must also confront the spotlight.

Recently, men’s singles world No. 1 Andy Murray spoke out on the media frenzy surrounding young Australian player Nick Kyrgios. Murray discussed the difficulties he personally faced entering a reality filled not just with tennis, but media attention, distractions, and the very illuminating fact that it can be an isolating and odd experience.

Bouchard is handling the situation with class.

She’s young, open about herself and her career, and she has already proven herself on the court. Because she is just 22-years-old, there is plenty of time for her to truly thrive and become a consistent top player on tour.

Tennis fans wonder if 2017 could be a breakout year for Genie.

The young tennis player recently reunited with coach Thomas Högstedt. Going a step further, she also added on a full-time fitness trainer and is building her team. At such a young age, it’s often difficult to know when you have the team you want for the long haul. But, Bouchard is taking the steps necessary to find out.

Eugenie Bouchard is in Australia prepping for the 2017 Australian Open. After a disappointing first round 3 set loss at the Brisbane International, Bouchard is thinking positive and ready for action at Melbourne Park.

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